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Valuable Articles

Do you have adequate coverage for your most cherished belongings? Many individuals don’t. But, JBL Trinity Group can help you choose the best coverage for your valuable articles.

We understand that accidents happen. Stones fall out of diamond rings. Antiques break. Art gets stolen. With valuable articles (item) insurance, these unfortunate losses are covered.

Possible Items Covered

  • Antiques, family heirlooms
  • Jewelry
  • Valuable collections
  • Fine artwork
  • Historical artifacts
  • China, crystal wares
  • Musical instruments
  • Personal computers

Valuable articles insurance provides further protection than a standard homeowners insurance policy for possessions of high monetary value. While most homeowners policies provide limited coverage for only specific types of losses, valuable articles insurance can protect your possessions anywhere in the world from theft, damage, and even accidental loss.

The insurance experts at JBL Trinity Group are prepared to answer your questions and recommend the best policies for your valuable possessions. Rely on us to properly insure your high-value assets, and call today.

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