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Personal Umbrella Policy

In today’s lawsuit-happy culture, individuals are at risk for multi-million dollar lawsuits, just like businesses. It’s the nightmare scenario for average Americans. If you’re sued for a major injury on your property, or you’re at fault in a costly car accident, your regular insurance may not cover everything. That's where a personal umbrella policy (also called a PUP) comes in.

Personal umbrella coverage protects drivers and homeowners from potentially devastating liability claims or judgments. Call JBL Trinity Group today, and learn how you can get fully protected.

Possible Risks Covered

  • Legal fees
  • Lost wages
  • Bodily injuries
  • Valuable assets

A personal umbrella policy works with your other liability insurance, and kicks in to fill gaps in underlying coverage. For example, if you’re sued for a fatal home accident and found liable for $4 million, your homeowners insurance may only cover half of the settlement. You're left responsible for a staggering $2 million, unless you have an umbrella insurance policy. In addition to home and auto coverage, personal umbrella insurance can protect your valuables, earning capacity, and other risks associated with your personal finances.

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