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While property insurance covers the physical assets of a business, casualty insurance protects the actual company. If you own a business in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, JBL Trinity can analyze your hard-to-place risks and propose a casualty insurance policy that’s right for you.

A casualty insurance policy covers losses that are not the direct result of property damage. For example, a business operating in the eighth floor of a building could experience interruption as the result of first floor damage. However, because the first floor would not be covered under your own business property insurance, you would need casualty insurance to cover related losses.

Possible Risks Covered

  • Acts of terrorism or war
  • Floods
  • Political risk
  • Government liability
  • Identity theft
  • Cyber fraud

Casualty insurance can provide peace of mind for any business whose livelihood depends on uninterrupted operations. E-commerce businesses are especially prone to downtime due to online complications. Additionally, companies that conduct business in foreign countries or engage in large government contracts are at risk for sudden change in agreements. Your casualty insurance policy can protect you against losses that result from unexpected political changes or withdrawal of contract.

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