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Companies and contractors that produce pollution by releasing toxic substances into the surrounding environment are at risk for damaging nearby properties. Pollution liability insurance covers injury to third parties, including damage to property, site cleanup, and defensive legal fees. If you’re operating in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, call the JBL Trinity Group today, and we’ll help make sure you’re covered.

Because most general liability insurance excludes pollution risks, contractors often need a pollution liability policy to fill in the gaps. Oil spills, broken pipelines, and release of toxic gases are just a sample of the high-risk incidents that often result in devastating lawsuits. The JBL Trinity Group can discuss your unique exposures and propose a policy that covers all your pollution risks.

Typical Businesses Covered

  • General contractors
  • Environmental businesses
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Chemical distributors
  • Medical facilities
  • Test laboratories
  • Other

Pollution coverage is a standard purchase for contractors who perform demolition or excavation services, build sewers or other municipal structures, provide maintenance services, or work in ongoing industrial operations. Remediation contractors, in particular, should consider a pollution liability policy to cover any additional sources of contamination found while cleaning a site. Other organizations that often need pollution insurance include, but are not limited to, apartment complexes, farms, prisons, airports, etc.

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