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Any business that provides services to third parties can benefit from the protection of a professional liability insurance policy. Whether your company offers interior design services or business consulting, JBL Trinity Group can help you make sure you’re covered for potential claims arising from your errors and omissions.

Professional liability insurance (also known as professional indemnity insurance) protects you against injury or loss to third parties resulting from your professional services. Anytime there is a perceived financial loss or misrepresentation, your business is at risk for lawsuits. If you are providing professional services, call us today and discover all of the insurance options available for your business.

Professional liability coverage fills in to protect you from service-related risks that are often excluded from general liability insurance policies. While general liability insurance covers most clear, tangible damages, such as property damage or bodily injury, professional liability insurance covers intangible claims, such as negligence, inaccurate counsel, failure to meet expectations, etc.

A wide range of service-oriented businesses should make sure their intangible risks are covered with professional liability insurance. Typical businesses that purchase this type of policy include, but are not limited to, office management, home inspectors, construction management, wedding planners, marketing consultants, etc.

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