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Builder's Risk Insurance


Contractors who build and erect structures can protect a building under construction with builder’s risk insurance. Unfinished structures cannot be covered under standard building insurance or homeowners insurance. Until the construction of your building is complete, a specialized builder’s risk insurance policy protects you against damage to your materials and to a building under construction or renovation.

If you're a contractor working nationwide talk to our experts about your upcoming project. We’ll discuss your risks and suggest appropriate solutions. When you choose your coverage with help from JBL Trinity Group, you can have peace of mind knowing your building is covered before you even start building it.

Possible Risks Covered

  • All Risks Physical Damage
  • Theft and/or vandalism
  • Accidental losses
  • Property damage and/or destruction
  • Business Interruption and Soft Costs
  • Tools and building materials
  • Other

If you are planning to construct or renovate a building, builder’s risk insurance can protect you from deep financial losses potentially incurred during production. Your policy can cover theft and vandalism, accidental losses, damage or destruction of property, business interruption and soft costs, tools and building materials, and more. Everything at your job site is covered during installation, until the project is finished and accepted by the owner.

These policies are used to insure specific projects from high rise ground up construction to a simple home renovation. Optional coverage may include risks that are only indirectly related to your project. At JBL Trinity Group we will help make sure all your risks are covered.

NOTE: Builders risk insurance does not cover losses that occur before or after construction. Your Builders Risk Policy will protect you throughout construction. This policy will be replaced with insurance for a finished structure when the building is safe for occupancy.

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