• Health Insurance:
  • At JBL Trinity, we are dedicated to providing the best health insurance plans available for all types of clients. We offer both individual and family plans as well as commercial group coverage for employees.  

    With today's revolutionized health care system, we at JBL Trinity are staying abreast of the latest developments that will affect your health insurance coverage both personally and financially.

    We are not only devoted to providing our customers with the best options for coverage; we also provide the most competitive pricing available in your area.


  • Life Insurance:
  • Depending on your personal or commercial requirements, JBL Trinity can customize various life insurance programs that will suit your needs.  We offer an extensive range of life insurance plans to choose from, including term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance.

    1. Term Life Insurance: Term Life Insurance is the basic form of life insurance. It offers affordable security for a definite period of time at a scheduled premium based upon your financial requirements.
    2. Whole Life Insurance: Whole life insurance is permanent life insurance; you will always have it. Your policy can never be cancelled providing that the premiums are paid on time.
    3. Universal Life Insurance: Universal Life insurance is a life insurance plan that provides both the benefits and cost of permanent life insurance along with the convenience of flexible premiums and payment schedules.
    4. Group Life Insurance: This is an economical benefit for any business providing life insurance to their workforce.  


  • Mortgage protection
  • The principal cause of personal debt for most homeowners is mortgage. Mortgage protection insurance is a specific life insurance policy designed to cover that debt in the event of your death.  



    02.14.2012 | JBL Trinity Group Now Offers Auto Insurance from Travelers
    JBL Trinity Group Now Offers Auto Insurance from Travelers

    09.06.2011 | JBL to Insure Construction of the Tallest NY Hotel
    The new two-in-one, 67 story Marriot Central Park hotel will be located on 54th Street and Broadway, towering over the current tallest hotels in New York: the Mandarin Oriental New York and the Trump International Hotel

    05.16.2011 | Consumers are inclined to purchase through Social Media
    According to a study performed by Accenture, 64% of US and Canadian insurance customers prefer to purchase their insurance policies through an agent rather than through direct insurance markets.


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